So Many Me

So Many Me

There are two reviews I could write for So Many Me.

  1. I could write about the cutesy-yet-challenging platformer with more depth than it initially lets on — a game I’ve played for more than a dozen hours at this point.
  2. I could write about the maddening game that inexplicably didn’t include a save feature or visible auto-save, and shipped with a progress-losing glitch that set me back six hours.

To talk about So Many Me without criticizing its publisher, Extend Interactive, for wasting an entire weekend’s worth of gaming for me. So Many Me was available as a free title in Microsoft’s “Games With Gold” promotion from mid-July to mid-August. I love giving these games a shot, because they’re often surprising and rewarding in ways that games I buy at retail aren’t.

So Many Me starts off pretty mediocre, but once you go around and begin collecting mes (that’s the plural of me, stylized in the only logical way I can think), the game opens up into an engaging and entertaining platformer. You can beat most levels in about 30 seconds, but if you want to unlock all costumes, blueprints, and coins, you’ll need to put on your thinking cap (or just a Fez hat, which the game gives you early on) and figure out how to escape obstacles like bullets, automated sentries, spikes, and more.

That’s why I was so disheartened to see my completion percentage rocket from 97% to 17% — because I was engrossed in the game and so close to fully completing it. I was stuck on the game’s final boss, and frustrated because of the completely random patterns that would kill me time and time again. I don’t mind games that are difficult, as long as they’re fair. Let me get better until I’m able to beat the boss. Don’t frustrate me by adding in factors I can’t account for or predict. Just stop it.

Extend Interactive released a patch that cured the save glitch (although it wipes your progress) and drops the final boss’s health from 5 to 3. That’s not the fix I was looking for on the final boss, and the adjustment made beating him almost too easy. But the game is fixed, I’ve surpassed my progress from before, and the past is behind me.

So Many Me may be a great game; I’m honestly not sure. My judgment is too clouded by the frustration cause from the lack of a working save mechanic. In spite of all that, I accidentally wound up playing for 4 hours straight last night, itching to up my completion percentage and complete the game once and for all. So Many Me is not the best platformer on the market, but it’s worth a try, and it’s worth your time.