Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament


Hearthstone expansions keep getting bigger and more extravagant. The Grand Tournament expansion, which just launched, adds a delightful 132 new cards to the mix. Blizzard wants to really mix up the meta-game with this one.

wyrmrest-agentA new main mechanic, Inspire, activates whenever you use a hero power. At first I thought it was gimmicky (like the new joust mechanic, which I’ll get to later), but the more I’ve played the new Inspire cards over the past few days, the more I feel like Blizzard has successfully injected even more fun into a game that I’m already addicted to, while keeping things feeling fresh.

Most of the cards in The Grand Tournament are lackluster and not that exciting. But a handful of cards that truly shine have been a blast to try out in new decks. From buffing your entire deck with Mistcaller to getting total board control early on with Priest cards like Wyrmrest Agent (Priest dragon decks anyone?), the new cards that are worthwhile are fun and exciting to play.

I’ve been having great success with Fjola Lightbane lately, too. She’s just such a fun card to play, and getting divine shield each time I buff her with cards like Power Word: Shield make her a powerful force in a synergized deck. 22349

Speaking of synergy, I’m still working on that. The only legendaries I acquired through my opening of 42 packs were Fjola Lightbane and The Mistcaller. Despite that, they have both been interesting and fun to use in my Shaman and Priest decks.

The joust mechanic, on the other hand, is a little slow (the only exception is King’s Elekk) and obviously encourages big minions to your deck. I don’t see the joust mechanic getting a ton of play in higher ranked games, but only time will tell where the meta-game goes.

The biggest takeaway from the expansion is that Blizzard is still creatively thinking of ways to mix up the game while keeping it fun, and I can appreciate that. Whether you bought the packs or are a F2P only, The Grand Tournament is definitely worth your time (or money).


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