Entwined is a beautiful game — and is one that you can almost assuredly skip.

It’s hard to say that a game that you can beat in about an hour isn’t even worth that time, but that’s the case here. Entwined tells the story of a fish and a bird in love (?) and are destined to be together forever. I have a soft spot for indie games and games with unique storylines; this game fits both of those criteria but failed to resonate with me.

The real problem lies in the gameplay. The main mode is 9 levels, which you can beat in about 5 minutes each. The length isn’t the problem at all; I’d much rather have a game be shorter than overstay its welcome. The problem with Entwined is that each of its 9 levels is basically the same as all the rest — the only variation comes in the shape of the zones you have to fly through. Seriously.

Entwined is basically a mash-up of, like, Flower and Rez, both of which are far better than the result here. (On a sidenote, I recently realized that anything that’s described as “X meets Y!”, where X and Y are both things you like, usually leads to disappointment. I need to go back and start enjoying X and Y again, instead of seeing what Z is all about. But I digress.) I liked being a dragon and flying around and sharing my song (?) at the end of each level, but even that is the same thing over and over again, repeated 9 times.

I’m not sure the best way Entwined could have been delivered. I feel like there’s a story here, and the gameplay itself isn’t bad. But when your game is 45 minutes long and it feels like it overstays its welcome by about 35 minutes, something is amiss.

Sigh. As much as I wanted to like Entwined, this game is not worth your time.