With the millions of dollars game companies spend on Triple A titles these days, you might find it hard for a game that looks like it was created last weekend by your science professor to be worthy of your time. But is just such a game. is a massively multiplayer action game, available for your browser, and just recently brought to iOS and Android devices. In the game, you start as a small cell in a giant Petri dish, with the goal of simply gaining as much mass as possible. On your first playthrough, you’ll learn that eating pellets will slowly grow your cell, and that larger cells (other players) will quickly eat you up, gaining your mass, and allowing them to eat even larger cells. While at first you may be confused by the speed of things, after five or six attempts at the game, you’ll finally start to think “I’ve got this!”, and that’s where the addictiveness of really takes hold.

The seemingly simple gameplay with unsophisticated circles and bright colors will begin to emerge into something much more. Once you’ve discovered and mastered the art of splitting your mass and launching it at smaller enemies, or feeding the deceptively harmless viruses which causes them to split and break apart even the largest of enemy players, you’ll find that the game becomes harder and harder to put down. Your goals will quickly change from wanting to survive to seeing your name on the leaderboard to ultimately becoming the largest cell on the server!

Is worth your time? Yes! Absolutely. The survival-of-the-fittest competition and addictive nature of will have you coming back again and again. Especially when all you want to do is immediately jump back in the game and eat the guy, and his cleverly named cell, that just took you down.