The Jim Gaffigan Show: Season 1

the jim gaffigan show

I’ll admit that I was a little guilty of judging a book by its cover; I really like Jim Gaffigan, but when I heard The Jim Gaffigan Show was going to be a TV Land series, I was skeptical. TV Land doesn’t exactly have the reputation as a great home for original comedy series.

I’m glad I gave the show a chance, though, because it’s one of my favorite new shows of 2015. When stand-up comedians are given their own show, the results can range from disastrous (sorry, Mulaney — I tried!) to amazing (hey Louie!). There’s plenty of room in between, and I think it’s safe to say that The Jim Gaffigan Show is far closer to Louie than Mulaney on the comedian spectrum.

A lot of that comes down to the exceptional casting. Gaffigan is great as himself (who would have thought?!) but Ashley Williams is amazing as his wife Jeannie, and supporting roles filled by Michael Ian Black and Adam Goldberg (as well as drop-ins from many of Gaffigan’s comedian friends) make every A-story, B-story (and beyond) enjoyable.

If it makes you feel better about watching The Jim Gaffigan Show, you’ll be relieved to know that Comedy Central re-airs episodes the night after they debut on TV Land. Wherever you find this show, it’s one worth checking out, and one worth your time.