Race to Escape: Season 1

race to escape

Jimmy Pardo is one of the fastest minds in the world of comedy and one of the funniest people in show business today. His podcast, Never Not Funny, delivers four hours of amazing entertainment each week. But more than just funny, he’s also one of the best hosts a show could ever ask for — a skill that’s on display in full effect on Race to Escape.

Race to Escape finished its five-episode first season on Science Channel a few weeks back, and I’m already hungry for more. The show’s premise is simple: two teams of three try to figure out how to escape from identical puzzle rooms. All the clues they need are available to them or, if they’re stuck (and teams get stuck all the time), they can use some of their prize money to get a hint regarding what to do next.

The show can be maddening at times, when teams willingly ignore obvious solutions or clues they’re given. But even these moments are entertaining thanks to Pardo’s interjections and the incredibly sassy touches that come from the show’s editors. Yes, playing at home is easier than trying to escape from the room, but seriously: stop just guessing random numbers. You’re better than that.

I really hope Race to Escape gets a second season. I think it will, thanks in large part to Pardo’s ultimate professionalism and the show’s high production qualities. Whether or not it does, though, the first season is worth seeking out because it’s worth your time. (Looking for a good place to start? Check out Schoolhouse Lock.)