Humans: Season 1


In a lot of ways, Humans could be seen as a semi-sequel to Ex Machina. While Ex Machina offered a first glimpse into a future with sentient AI, Humans imagines a world where these type of creatures (called ‘synths’ in Humans) already exist. Only a few, though — they’re highly illegal and drive all the central conflicts in the series.

In my experience, sci-fi series (with a few exceptions) have a tendency to run adrift and become muddled and overly confusing. Humans, on the other hand, does a terrific job of maintaining focus and keeping the series’ mythology consistent and understandable. Sometimes, you may think you’re missing a few pieces, but everything comes together by the end of the first season to present you with a bigger picture.

Humans will return, as the end credits of the eighth episode says, but even if it doesn’t, the first season of the show works beautifully as a self-contained story. Future seasons can easily be envisioned (no spoilers here!), but the first season tells a complete story that’s one of the best sci-fi tales I’ve seen in recent years.

Humans is a show that originated in the UK, which leads me to believe there won’t be too many more seasons. Regardless of how many episodes the showrunners make, I’m on board — and you should jump in on the ground floor, too. Humans is a great show and one whose 8 first season episodes are well worth your time.