Another Period: Season 1

another period

I’ve written before about how much I love Natasha Leggero, so when I heard she had co-created Another Period with another one of my favorite people, Riki Lindhome, I was already on board. Then, when I learned the crazy amount of talent the show was bringing in — Michael Ian Black, Paget Brewster, Christina Hendricks, and much, much more — it felt like the stars were all aligning.

There was seemingly no way the show could live up to the massive hype I had built for it in my mind, and I quickly learned I was right. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped; instead, it was much, much better. First seasons of TV comedies can often have growing pains, but there are almost none here; from the beginning of the season through the first season finale, Another Period is on point.

The premise of the show — that two spoiled rich girls in turn-of-the-century America want to become famous — doesn’t really begin until the end of the first season. Instead, the first season is spent watching them ruin their lives (and the lives of everyone else around them), setting up their attempts in the second season to ascend toward fame and public adoration.

Leggero and Lindhome describe Another Period as Downton Abbey meets Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I love Another Period in spite of having never seen either of those shows, and you don’t have to have seen them to appreciate this show, either. Bask in the hilarity and greatness that are Leggero, Lindhome, and the rest of the cast, and catch up on season one before the second season airs. It’s worth your time.