The Wolfpack

the wolfpack

If you’ve been looking for a film to make you feel real sad for a group of kids, have I got the movie for you! The Wolfpack is a documentary that chronicles the lives of six kids in New York City who have been kept in their apartment all of their lives. Their overprotective parents shelter them from the real world, so they turn to the only other world available to them: movies — specifically, Quentin Tarantino movies.

As depressing as these kids’ lives are, I have to give them credit: they absolutely kill it when it comes to nailing Tarantino’s dialogue. That’s not easy, but they do it. I guess it comes with the territory; if your only interaction with the outside world is watching and re-watching Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, you’d probably be pretty good at reciting the dialogue, too.

The Wolfpack is an intentionally uncomfortable movies. These poor kids know no other life, and the extent to which they’ve had to literally build their own world is captured on screen. Watching them act out Tarantino films is a lot of fun, but the reason you should see this movie is to look at the way we’ve become afraid of the modern world — and what the extreme levels of those fears look like. The Wolfpack is tough to watch at times, but it’s worth your time.


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