The Tribe

the tribe

I dare you to find me a movie that’s as bold or unique as The Tribe. If you’re able to come up with something close, it’s a movie I want to see. The Tribe is brutal, graphic, and intense in ways few films would ever dare to be. It’s a movie that you need to watch, and one of the very few “required viewings” so far in 2015.

There is no verbal dialogue in The Tribe; the film takes place at a deaf school where everyone communicates via sign language. There are no subtitles, either; The Tribe makes you pay attention to what’s happening on screen, and forces you to read body language and facial expressions in a way that no other movie requires. It takes effort and focus to watch The Tribe, but it’s well worth it.

The film tells the story of “the deaf mafia” and is based on a similar group of organized crime in Europe in not-so-distant past. The Tribe follows the school’s newest student as he arrives and quickly becomes indoctrinated in his new way of life.

Of the many, many movies I’ve seen so far this year, few (if any) have hit me the way The Tribe hits. It’s not only a great movie but an important one — it advances the medium in a brand new way. It’s exactly the kind of movie I wish everyone would see, and one that I believe is well worth your time.


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