The Gift

the gift

Never before has a trailer previewed such a well-made movie in such a hackneyed way. The trailer for The Gift makes it look like a clich├ęd thriller where a creepy neighbor wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting family. And while that’s true and is what this movie is about, there’s a deeper, darker undertone that the trailer avoids altogether.

I’m not sure whether or not the trailer steering clear of the film’s second half is good or not. I have a huge problem with trailers, as they’ve become too spoilery. I understand that their sole goal is to get butts in seats, and using the film’s best jokes or biggest action sequences will help accomplish that goal. However, we’ve reached trailer saturation, and films today now have every joke spoiled and every action scene previewed because of our demand for MOAR TRAILERZ.

That’s why I’m torn about The Gift’s trailer. On the one hand, I’m so happy about the fact that the film’s second half was almost entirely unspoiled. On the other hand, I worry that not enough people will go to see this movie, which is one of the best-made thrillers of the year. Joel Edgerton wrote, directed, and stars as the creepy guy, who’s a little too nice to Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall.

The film’s use of sound is outstanding. Jump scares that normally wouldn’t work in other films work excellently here because of how understated everything is. The film’s high production values, coupled with its top-tier acting and solid story and twists make The Gift one of the summer’s secret gems.

Go see this movie, and try not to read too much about it beforehand. Take the journey with these characters, and experience how twisted everything becomes first-hand.

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