The Final Girls

the final girls

Every once in a while, you stumble upon a movie with a premise that seems too good to be true. One such movie is The Final Girls. It’s the kind of movie with a premise so good that my expectations were set unreasonably high, with almost no way that the film could possibly deliver. I’m thrilled to say that The Final Girls not only meets, but exceeds, my expectations.

A group of kids in modern times are accidentally sucked into the world of a 1980s horror movie. There are a lot of dynamics at play. You’ve got the “realies” (people from the real world sucked into the movie, led by Taissa Farmiga), and you’ve got the “fakies” (people from the movie world, who don’t know they’re in the movie, like Malin Akerman).

Each has to navigate the reality of the other, but things go deeper than that. The movie begins as Akerman dies in a car accident, leaving Farmiga without a mother. Suddenly, Farmiga finds herself in a reality where she’s re-united with her mom… except her mom is playing a slasher character, and wholly unaware of who Farmiga is. Cue: all the feels.

The Final Girls is more a really funny movie, and a great send-up of the horror movie genre. It’s a movie that I always wanted to see, even though I never knew it existed. I caught this one way back at SXSW, and I’m eagerly looking forward to catching it again when it opens in theaters and on VOD this weekend. I encourage you to join me! It’s worth your time.