Terminator: Genisys

terminator genisys

If it weren’t for its trailers, I would have genuinely loved Terminator: Genisys.

While that sentence may sound like a classic Lewis Black bit, it also perfectly sums up how I feel about this movie. I’ve whined a lot on here about how awful trailers can be, but Terminator: Genisys took things to the next level. FROM THE VERY FIRST TRAILER, you’re fed three or four of the film’s biggest twists. Why?! To get butts in seats.

It’s just a shame that once those butts are in those seats, they’ve already the film’s best parts.

When I reviewed Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, I talked about how great of an idea it was for that film to begin with the plane stunt that they hinged their advertising campaign on. While watching Genisys, I knew that a bus would flip at some point, then be hanging off a cliff… as the minutes ticked by, I knew it was coming sooner or later. Rather than enjoying what was on screen, I was waiting for the scene I’d already seen. Not intentionally, mind you. It was more out of reflex. That scene is pretty impressive, and would have been even better if it hadn’t been in every trailer.


Those points aside, Terminator: Genisys is far, far, far more entertaining than I thought it would be. It may just be another example of being tricked by the film’s dismal Rotten Tomatoes rankings, but I expected nothing out of this movie. Lo and behold, I had a really good time! While it doesn’t stack up to the first two films in the series (and really, how many action movies can really stack up to T2?), it’s leaps and bounds better than the other two — and far closer in quality/enjoyment to the former than the latter.

If you’re not expecting too much — that is, if you don’t think it’ll be as good as Judgment Day — it’s a safe bet that you’ll enjoy Terminator: Genisys. I truly think this film was a victim of overhype and negative critical reaction. It’s on the border, but I believe in my gut that this film is worth your time.

Worst case, you have Khaleesi kicking ass.