Men and Chicken

men and chicken

It’s honestly kind of unfair that Mads Mikkelson is able to be as intimidating and terrifying as he is on Hannibal and still be as funny and weird as he is in Men and Chicken. In the end, though, it’s us who are the winners, because we’re the ones who get to witness his greatness. And no matter what production he’s in or what role he’s playing, he’s perfect.

Men and Chicken fits right in at Fantastic Fest: weirdly surreal and darkly sad. It tells the story of two deeply flawed brothers whose dad dies and leaves them a life-changing video tape. It throws everything they thought they knew about themselves out the window, so they set out to uncover the truths about who they are and where they come from.

While accurate, that description makes this film seem far more pretentious and snobbish than it actually is. In reality, Mads and all of his own-screen relatives are amazingly bizarre and entertaining, each with quirks that define them as singularly strange characters. Mads may be the reason you see this movie, but he’s a perfect complement to the ensemble.

Men and Chicken is director Anders Thomas Jensen’s first film in a decade, and from the way Tim League talked about his filmography when introducing this movie, it’s clear he has a lot of fans and filmmaker clout. I don’t know when it’ll be released, but it’s worth your time, and its charm makes me want to check out the rest of Jensen’s work.


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