Jurassic World

jurassic world

Dinosaurs! Lots of them!

The hype leading up to this film was crazy but in the end, it definitely paid off as it broke basically every box-office movie record ever in its wake. Considering the fact that Jurassic Park is my all-time favorite movie, I had high expectations going into Jurassic World but, for the most part, my expectations were met. I still consider the first JP the best of the series, but this is a close second (which isn’t saying much when you’re including Jurassic Park 3).

ankloWhat Jurassic World does deliver on is a fantastic assortment of dinosaurs. We get to see species that have never been featured in the franchise, like the club-tail swinging Ankylosaurus, and a whole new one the writers pulled out of their collective asses: the Indominus Rex! This menacing creature was definitely the highlight of the movie, and the movie does a great job of making it feel actually terrifying. Cross-breeding a Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor yields a pretty gnarly dinosaur.

Chris Pratt brings some personality and wit to the mix, but I still felt like we weren’t getting the full Chris Pratt experience as we did in Guardians of the Galaxy. Still, his character is easily the best in the movie, and the fact that he’s a raptor trainer just makes him that much more awesome.

chris pratt jurassic world

Chris Pratt… so hot right now.

The kids in the movie were underwhelming and at times annoying, but I learned to deal with them. Especially when they are in scenes that consist of them traversing through classic set pieces from the original Jurassic Park. My nerdy nostalgia set in many times during this movie.

Although you’ve probably already seen it, the last dino-battle scene at the end of the movie is spectacularly awesome and, in my opinion, worth the price of admission alone. If you like the Jurassic Park franchise, or just like dinosaurs in general, you’ll love Jurassic World. Even if you don’t like dinosaurs but like sci-fi thrillers, extravagant action sequences and monster battles, this is still definitely worth your time.