I understand that I don’t owe many of the movies I watch anything. Just because I saw Divergent didn’t mean I had to go and watch Insurgent. But I did anyway, because I’m a completist.

Let me go ahead and tell you right off the bat: Insurgent is far worse and far less enjoyable than Divergent. By this point, I’m pot committed, though, which means I’ll go see Allegiant. (Why? Again, see above: I’m a completist.) But if the series continues its path downward, it’s one that you can almost certainly avoid.

When trailers and previews first started coming out for Insurgent, it became clear that many people weren’t too fond of Divergent. That caught me off guard; I legitimately liked the first movie, and thought Shailene Woodley and company were all pretty great. I was psyched to continue this journey. But people retroactively began trashing Divergent, seemingly in response to Insurgent. It was weird. I still went to see Insurgent, nonetheless.

It’s not good. The actors don’t care. Scenes feel totally ripped off from other movies; does the screenshot above look familiar to you? Here, let me refresh your memory:

I love Shailene, but she’s no Trinity. #NotMyTrinity.

Watching the first movie in a series does not necessitate the need to see future movies. (Watching two movies in a series? I feel like I should complete the journey, as bland and monotonous as that journey is.) Insurgent could have been a great movie, but there’s no heart. And when there’s no heart in a movie, it’s easy to say it’s not worth your time.


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