Inside Out

inside out

Pixar’s had a bit of a rough go in past years. Since releasing Toy Story 3 — one of my three or four favorite Pixar films — it has released Cars 2 (way too much Larry the Cable Guy), Brave (which I liked, but wasn’t the film that they advertised and is sort of considered a flop), and Monsters University (which, again, I liked, but pales in comparison to the original). While there’s stuff to love in each of these movies, it seemed as though Pixar had lost a bit of the magic it held from 1995 to 2010.

That’s why it’s so refreshing that Inside Out is one of the studio’s best films of all-time, and one of my five favorite movies so far in 2015. Whatever Pixar may have “lost” was certainly recovered for this movie.

It feels like Amy Poehler was born to voice Joy; she’s so perfect in the lead role. Everyone else around her is on point, too. Every voice actor coalesces into a perfect package that had me on the verge of tears from start to finish. I can’t watch the first 10 minutes of Up because it makes me too sad. I’m worried that all of Inside Out is the same way. However, while it’s heartbreaking at times, it’s also uplifting and hopeful. It’s pretty perfect in that regard.

Not only is Inside Out Pixar’s best films in years, but it’s also the best animated film of the year and one of the best films of the year, period. The film — along with the equally heartbreaking/uplifting short “Lava” — is well worth your time. Make sure you bring tissues or something.


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