Apparently, anyone can have a film distributed, even if it makes no sense and it’s a chore to watch! Horsehead, the first film by Romain Basset, is a pretentious bore that’s incredibly tough to get through. What could have been a surreal journey through a hellish dreamscape instead becomes a pretentious trek through 89 minutes of ambiguous imagery.

I’m always game to wade through the horrors swimming around some filmmakers’ mind. Maybe on another day, Horsehead would have clicked with me. Maybe not. All I know is that with so many worthwhile movies to see — both horror and otherwise — Horsehead is not one you should waste your time on.

Much of the movie takes place in the main character’s dreams, where things are allowed to make no sense and have undefined meanings. I guess this could be the sort of film where everyone can interpret things however they want! But ultimately, it comes down to the same sorts of fears you’d expect to find in a movie like this. And that’s boring.

Horsehead might be a movie that’s worth your time if you’re “not in the right state of mind.” But for anyone just looking for a good horror movie, it’s safe to say that this movie is not worth your time.


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