Entourage (2015)


Did you guys hear that the boys are back? The boys are back! THE. BOYS. ARE. BACK.

You know the boys? Those boys from Entourage? They’re back! They’re back, those boys. The boys are back.

All those boys — boy 1, boy 2, boy 3, boy 4, man-boy — they’re all back. Everyone’s back! Most importantly, though, of course, is the boys. I don’t know if you heard, but THE BOYS ARE BACK!

Also, Ronda Rousey is here.

But enough about her! The boys are back! And timelines are a-screwy. But who cares about timelines when THE BOYS ARE BACK! (They’re back. All of them. The. Boys. Are. Back.)

I stopped watching the Entourage TV series about halfway through its run. I never saw the back half, and don’t know what shenanigans the boys got into. Sloane got pregnant, apparently. Lloyd didn’t quit working for Ari. Vince got married (?). Turtle lost a lot of weight. Something about Drama.

But when I heard those boys were coming back, I just knew I need to go check ’em out. And I can tell you this, with certainty: the boys are most certainly BACK.

I actually liked the movie for what it was. It’s sort of delightfully insane, unintentionally so. It’s American consumerism in 2015, and there’s Ronda Rousey and Emily Ratajkowski and dozens of other actors and guest stars and friends.

But it all comes back to those four boys. They’re back.

The boys are back.