Not only is Dope a great movie and one of my favorite films of the year, but it has some of the catchiest music you’ll hear in a movie in 2015. Even if I were to forget the plot or characters from Dope, its original songs have wormed their way into my head so deeply that they’ll never break free.

Right now in theaters, you can find two coming-of-age tales: Dope and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Unlike Me and Earl, though, Dope’s world and story and characters feel genuine, realistic, and believable. Nothing feels forced, and nothing feels like it’s only there because it’s a movie. Dope is far easier to recommend because it’s a far better film.

Dope follows the story of three nerds who love 1980s culture, which is totally uncool in 2015 California. While everyone around them is running dope and joining gangs, these three kids have a chance to break free of the world they’ve been cast into. All they wanna do is jam — and that’s where the awesome music comes from.

Even if you don’t watch Dope, listen to any of Awreeoh’s songs. They’re catchy and infectious in all the best ways.

Dope is filled to the brim with terrific performances in a grounded, authentic story. I thought I’d like this movie, but I had no idea how much I’d like it. It’s flying a little under the radar, so do yourself a favor and watch this movie: it’s worth your time.


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