Considering how over-saturated the zombie movie genre has become, it’s honestly surprising to me that more movies haven’t tried to zombify kids, or set their story in a school. Now that Cooties has gone there, though, no one else is allowed to do either of those things. Cooties is pitch perfect with every step it takes, and it’s the first great film of Fall 2015.

Cooties tells the story of Elijah Wood’s character Clint, a failed writer who’s moved back home to live with his mom in the house he grew up at. Clint gets a job as a substitute teacher at the elementary school he went to, which is where we spend most of the movie — and where all hell breaks loose.

There’s so much wonderful imagery that Cooties captures by combining the school setting with a zombie movie. I may be overlooking the obvious, but the only pop culture piece that I remember combines zombies with schools is the very fun Lollipop Chainsaw. Cooties one-ups Lollipop in just about every way though, and is a blast from start to finish.

Cooties was made by the creative forces behind Saw and Glee. For real. Not all of the humor in this movie will stand the test of time, but most of it will — and it’s almost all funny today. Leigh Whannell co-wrote the script and plays one of my favorite characters in a zombie movie ever. Everyone else — Wood, Allison Pill, Rainn Wilson, Nasim Pedrad, Jack McBrayer, and Jorge Garcia — are all equally good in their parts. Outside of Super, I’ve never really liked Rainn Wilson, but he is perfectly on point in this movie from beginning to end.

Cooties is a terrific blend of comedy and horror, and a movie that fans of either genre should go see. It’s shot and paced extremely well, and one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a movie theater so far in 2015. Cooties is well worth your time, and I hope you all go see it and love it when it hits theaters next weekend.