Burying the Ex

burying the ex

There are a handful of actors that I love that just aren’t in enough things. I don’t know what the reason for this is; I don’t know if Hollywood forgets them, ifthey’re incredibly picky about the projects they take, or I’m just watching the wrong things. Anton Yelchin is one of these actors. I think I first saw him in Huff, then Charlie Bartlett, then the Star Trek movies and Odd Thomas. I really like him in all of these things, but I haven’t seen him in much else.

A challenge flag has been thrown! We’re headed under the replay hood.

Upon further review, it turns out that Anton Yelchin has been in a ton of stuff. I stand by my opening paragraph, though, because I’ve already written it and because the core of it is still true: I want to see him in more movies that are of the genres I want to see.

That’s why I was so psyched for Burying the Ex. Starring Yelchin alongside Alexandra Daddario, the crush of anyone who’s ever watched True Detective, this was finally going to be another movie I loved. The premise is great (or great enough, anyway): Yelchin’s clingy girlfriend dies, then comes back from the dead to spend eternity with her boyfriend. He’s moved on to Daddario, though, and his undead girlfriend is NOT happy about that.

Too bad the film falls so flat. Yelchin’s on-screen BFF, Oliver Cooper, is cringe-worthy every time he pops in. The film isn’t creepy enough to really warrant being called a horror movie; it’s mostly just a romcom where one of the stars is undead. (If that’s your thing, just go watch the far superior Warm Bodies.) The tone always feels off, and things don’t add up.

TL;DR – It’s a less-than-ideal movie-going experience.

I really wanted to like Burying the Ex. I really did. That’s why it’s disheartening for me to write that this movie is not worth your time.