At last year’s Fantastic Fest, there were a few movies I was majorly bummed I missed out on. Because of the nature of film festivals, missing out on a film might mean waiting nearly a year to watch it. That was the case with Alleluia, but I have to tell you: the film was worth the wait.

I’ve never seen a love story quite like this one. Alleluia is a tale of obsession and jealousy, revolving around two characters who are perfect for each other because of the fact that the rest of the world would consider them monsters. Alleluia proves that there’s someone for everyone, even if you’re a psychopath or master manipulator.

There are a couple of moments where it feels like the film could relapse into the realm of stories you’ve seen before, but quickly rights its course and sets off on a path that’s wholly its own. To say much more about the story or these characters would require me to dive into specifics of the film that are better left to watching and discovering them on your own.

The film’s first act is slow — much like Audition, it begins as a relatively normal romance movie — but quickly evolves into a unique, dark, and wonderfully twisted narrative. Go see Alleluia, because it’s definitely worth your time.