7 Chinese Brothers

7 Chinese Brothers

Jason Schwartzman is a force of nature. He’s one of the most fully committed actors working in Hollywood today, which means he can be amazingly endearing in one film and then utterly contemptible in the next. In 7 Chinese Brothers, he vacillates between both of these extremes.

For a lot of the movie, you wonder why anyone ever puts up with him. He’s an overgrown child, incapable of taking anything seriously. But then, in one of his many childlike asides, he does something that’s so funny and charming that it’s impossible not to love him. It’s those moments that make you think, “Oh! He really is lovable!”

The trailer for the film just shows a minute of Schwartzman talking to his dog. There’s a reason for that — there’s not a whole ton to talk about in the way of plot. The film sort of just follows Schwartzman around for a few days as he moves from one job to the next, falls in love with his new boss, and spends time with his dog and with his grandmother. But that’s okay! He grows and loves and feels, and we do, too.

7 Chinese Brothers is a very short film; it barely cracks the 75 minute mark. It’s filled with heart, though, and while Schwartzman may annoy you for part of the film, that only adds to its charm. Check this movie out — it’s worth your time.