Saint Odd

saint odd

The story of Odd Thomas unfolds itself over 7 novels and 3 more graphic novels. In a career that spans more than 100 novels, the Odd Thomas series is Dean Koontz’s most prolific output, and arguably his best.

But something happened to me in the 12 years it took between the release of Odd Thomas and Saint Odd, the first and last books in the series. It’s probably the fact that I went from being 15 to 27, but the innocent charm of Koontz’s writing wears thin by the end. I was committed to finishing Odd’s story, but Koontz’s commitment to “PG-13 writing” is a little frustrating. It’s tough to tell a truly compelling story while limiting yourself in how you describe things.

Koontz is one of the all-time bestselling authors, so clearly his style is working for him. But as I’ve gotten older, and my tastes have matured, the same schtick that worked a decade ago no longer holds the same charm.

That’s not to say that Saint Odd is without its great moments. Few authors can create the level of suspense that Koontz can when he’s firing on all cylinders. The book’s final action sequence was tremendous, and was one of the handful of times I couldn’t put the book down.

Reading seven books means you’re committed to Odd, and you’re committed to his eternal love with Stormy Llewellyn. I won’t spoil anything, but knowing how Koontz rights, and knowing how them re-uniting is the ultimate goal of the series, I’m happy to report the ending does not disappoint.odd thomas you are destined to be together forever

Finishing the series almost makes me want to go back and re-read the series (or at least the first one or two books) to see if their charm was real or manufactured in my head. Almost. I’m not going to, though; I’m perfectly content with the way things turned out for ole Oddie.

Saint Odd is worth your time, only if you’ve read the entire series.

Odd Thomas (the first book in the series) is worth your time; the rest of the series depends on how much you enjoy the first. It’s one of Koontz’s finest works and an easy recommendation to make! Aside from a few series, it’s difficult to ever recommend the necessary time commitment to read seven books. But check out the first, salt to taste, and continue on from there.

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