A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 2)

a song of ice and fire a clash of kings

There’s a chapter in this novel that’s SO GOOD that it made me angry that it wasn’t included in the TV series. I understand that when showrunners only have 10 hours to convey a 730 page story, they’re going to pick and choose what to cut. (I covered this more extensively in my review of Game of Thrones.) But this one chapter in particular — a Daenerys chapter — was so creative and trippy and weird and wonderful that all I could feel was sadness in it not being included in the show.

I sense this is the first of many times I’ll feel this frustration.

But you know what? That’s okay! Because these books exist, and they existed before the TV show did, and they’ll exist after it ends. And, just like I said when talking about A Game of Thrones, the books sort of serve as an expanded universe to the TV series. They offer a wider, deeper, more comprehensive look into the world of Westeros, serving only to enhance a fan of the TV show.

With every frustrating moment the books contain that isn’t on the show, the books become more and more worth your time. They’re becoming their own thing, and even if you’ve seen every episode of the TV series multiple times, the books contain new experiences and different takes on the stories you’re familiar with.

A Clash of Kings, like A Game of Thrones before it, is pretty well represented by the TV series; it pretty directly correlates to the second season of the show. But it’s those moments that aren’t captured by the adaptation that make the book special, and make it something that’s worth your time.


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